What's our inspiration?

It takes too long to research new hairstyles, find the right tutorial, and shop for quality products. We aim to make your hair care experience easier and enjoyable.

About NeoTress 

NeoTress is a monthly subscription that offers the naturalista everything she needs for hair care and self-styling. We offer an exclusive hair experience, which packages custom hair tutorials, the best hair products on the market, and the necessary tools specially chosen for the subscriber’s hair needs and attributes. NeoTress aims to minimize the stress of natural hair care for women on the go. 

“I did the big chop for the first time in 2012. I had to relearn how to care for my hair because my hair had been relaxed since elementary school. Researching hairstyles, watching tutorials, and spending countless hours wooing over product reviews took too much time. And as a full-time graduate student and full-time employee at the time, I needed an easy solution to make my hair look good. A few years later, and another big chop later, the idea for NeoTress was born.”  

-Nicole Lashae Ben, CEO + Founder  

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